On the Eve of Whole30

Dieting has never worked for me. Or rather, let me rephrase that: I’ve never allowed a diet to work for me.


My boyfriend, on the other hand, has tried a variety of diets. Many of them have worked, though have not necessarily produced sustainable results. By this, I mean that eating habits have not changed. At his heaviest, Shawn weighed 350 pounds. I did not know him then, though I understand that vegetarianism and living to ride his bike helped him drop close to 150 pounds. Since he and I got together two years ago, he’s tried several other diets. As for me, I’ve faltered between healthy choices and chocolate chip cookies. As a french fry aficionado, I’ve long weighed more than I should.


I recently hit a weight that I was uncomfortable with – 154 pounds, my heaviest. Exercise has become a regular habit in the past two months, and I’ve lost 7 pounds. However, I know that a healthier diet will help produce results.


Again, I’m not a dieter.


Shawn introduced the Whole 30 to me right around my graduation from William & Mary. 30 days, only whole foods, nothing processed. Further, no dairy (no cheese!), no grains (no bread!), no sugar, no white potatoes (no fries!), no alcohol, no legumes. But the key point – it’s 30 days. Other attempts at dieting have included the tell-tale-never-works “I’ll do this until I lose 10 pounds” statement. This, on the other hand, is a strict version of paleo that will allow me to reset my digestive system. The literature involved flat-out says that this will not reverse years of poor eating habits. It’s a great place to start. And it’s only 30 days.


Over the next 30 days or so, maybe longer, I’ll be documenting my experience with Whole 30. There will be food posts. There will be posts about fitness and how my body reacts at the gym on this new diet. And hopefully there will be weight loss and new habits that help me continue to reach my weight goals (130 by Christmas, and comfortable in a bikini by next summer) and fitness goals (at this point, tone and define).


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