Day 1

Today started with a facebook post about the Whole 30, a chopped tomatoes and avocado with olive oil, sea salt, and lime juice, and a handful of blueberries. Whole 30 states you shouldn’t eat fruit first thing in the morning because you’re essentially giving into sugar cravings, but I needed variety. Tasty as it was, I did admittedly miss my normal morning staple: wheat toast, sunbutter, sliced bananas, and a drizzle of honey. I had a long conversation with my stepfather about this diet while he had his Corn Pops, and admitted that one thing I like about this diet already is that you don’t have to starve yourself on this. If you’re hungry, you increase your portion size. The big difference is that you’re increasing the amount of veggies you eat, rather than increasing the number of potato chips and amount of dip you’re snacking on.

I also took a “before” picture, though I’m hesitant to post it until I have the “after” picture to compare.

Lunch included leftover braised lamb that Shawn made last night: lamb shoulder roasted in a dutch oven with carrots, tomatoes, garlic, and white wine. Technically, I’ve already broken Whole 30. We discussed this at some length last night because neither of us wanted to be wasteful, and since the alcohol is cooked out, finishing up the leftovers will be fine. Better to break the rules slightly than be wasteful.

I navigated my way through Harris Teeter without sampling their bread or their pies (buy one, get one in honor of the Fourth of July). I walked away with lots of veggies, including jicama (potato substitute) to make with my breakfast and spaghetti squash to make faux pad thai noodles. Whole 30 is very peanut-allergy friendly, and I can finally try pad thai after years of hearing friends rave about it. Mine will be made with sunbutter sauce instead!

For dinner, I made a chicken fajita salad for my family. Everything but the lettuce was good – I’m so used to overly sugarly dressings that it was a rough adjustment. I regularly make my own honey-lime vinaigrette, but sweeteners (outside of natural sugars in fruits) are strictly off-limits. So, no honey this time around.

Admittedly, I did have sugar cravings – and already on my first day! I tried to get around this craving by eating a slice of frozen banana dipped in organic sunbutter and unsweetened coconut. It was good, but it was no match for a drink from Starbucks or a scoop of ice cream. I’ll get there. On the one hand, this diet is easy – I’m allowed to have a second helping if I’m still hungry, and I’m not eating like a rabbit. On the other hand, this diet is hard – I spent 10 minutes trying to find mustard without sugar in it yesterday, and I sampled pineapple three times at Harris Teeter while enviously looking at the pie samples. Again – I’ll get there.


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