Day 2: Jicama is NOT as potato-like as I had hoped!

I made Jicama Home Fries from Nom Nom Paleo this morning. I don’t know what I was expecting, but color me disappointed. Jicama has been hailed as a potato substitute in paleo cooking, but I think that I’ll stick to the sweet potato from now on. Even smothered in hot sauce, the jicama fries were way too sweet for my liking. Fortunately, I made my stand-by tomato-avocado salad and had some blueberries on hand for breakfast. I just don’t think that I’m ready for jicama yet.

For lunch, I made this AWESOME fake Pad Thai, substituting sunbutter for peanut butter (have I mentioned Whole 30 is really friendly for food allergies? No peanuts allowed!) and spaghetti squash for rice noodles. I made so much that I had plenty leftover for dinner and enough to send home with Shawn. He thinks the recipe is a repeater – I agree, though I’d cut the eggs up into even smaller strips next time.

The Whole 30 website has a timeline for how you’ll feel, and holy hell, they’re right. Shawn and I definitely overindulged over the weekend – huge pastrami sandwiches, frozen yogurt, popcorn AND cookie dough bites at the movies… Day 2 is considered the “hangover” in Whole 30 standards, worsened by how poorly you ate right before starting the lifestyle change. I definitely had a bit of a headache when I went to the gym last night. Yoga helped. A banana after yoga helped more.

We’ll see how Day 3 goes. On the menu: a tomato-avocado salad and a handful of blueberries for breakfast, an avocado-grapefruit salad for lunch, an hour at the gym, and whatever Shawn makes for dinner!


One thought on “Day 2: Jicama is NOT as potato-like as I had hoped!

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