Made it to Day 6!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Honestly, I’ve been eating really well. Grilled chicken wings & veggies, chicken salad with homemade mayo, meat-za (which was more like a meatloaf with veggies on top, so I didn’t miss pizza a bit while eating it), and frozen banana slices dipped in organic sunbutter with unsweetened coconut on them. Yes, I’m that weirdo who actually prefers frozen banana slices to ice cream. The Czech meatballs I made last night were a miss, but I think that they’ll be pretty good crumbled up and redone on the stove with veggies for a breakfast scramble.

I also stumbled upon my new favorite website, Stupid Easy Paleo. The author has also been doing a Whole 30, so the most recent recipes posted totally work for my challenge. I spent a good 30 minutes pinning half of her recipes onto my paleo board. She has a website for an iced latte. I’ve been hesitant to drink coffee without cream and sugar, but could also feel myself turning meaner by the minute yesterday with a headache. Turns out coconut milk is actually naturally sweet enough that I’m okay with drinking coffee with it.

We also managed our first social outing last night – bowling with my best friend and her boyfriend. They were nice enough not to have a beer or anything in front of us.

I’m already noticing some of the benefits: I feel lighter (and cheated and weighed myself – I’ve lost a few pounds!), my skin is already starting to get clearer, and I had an awesome day at Body Flow on Thursday where I was able to finally get into some poses I hadn’t been quite ready for previously. Granted, that could also just be that I’ve been going regularly!

There are hard parts, though, too. My parents’ neighbors ended up at our house on the 4th, and my step dad put out a tray of cheese & crackers. Thank goodness Shawn & I had just had our dinner and were full, because I wanted them. So badly. So, so badly. I felt almost exactly like this guy: Shawn C Phillips. My mom made her dinner at about the same time I made mine last night, and it was difficult to eat my disappointing meatballs while she had mac & cheese and corn on her plate. It was blue box gross stuff, but I still would have loved just a bite. It’s admittedly been easier to eat alone without the temptation.

The headaches have been awful, too. Fortunately, I’m more of a water drinker (plus my usual morning cup of coffee I had been skipping), but Shawn drinks soda, beer, and sweet tea on a regular basis. He’s really been struggling from caffeine withdrawals, and doesn’t like hot drinks. I brewed some green tea for him last night and poured it over ice. It was much more bitter than what he was used to, but he turned back into his normal self after.

The WORST side effect for me so far has been my breath. Maybe it’s always naturally been this bad, masked by overconsumption of mints. I floss regularly and brush two-three times a day (recently more often), and it’s just been terrible. NO GUM is a rule of Whole 30, and it’s the only one I’ve really been truly tempted to break so far.

I’ll hopefully find some time to make rocket pops from fresh fruit today!


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