Whole 30 Meltdowns & Realizations

Saturday night, all I wanted was a damn steak. Can you think of many diets that allow you to have steak? This one does. I threw some salt and pepper on my steak, took some garlic cloves and inserted them into slits I had made on the steak, and went to go throw that baby on the grill. Except that I couldn’t get the grill to turn on. It was out. of. gas. Now, I was hungry and grumpy, and this caused me to burst into tears. How am I supposed to stick to this diet if I can’t even work a grill?

Fortunately, it turns out that a steak cooked on a pan in a bit of coconut oil is DELICIOUS.

I’ve also realized that I haven’t been totally compliant in my Whole30 – my coconut milk that I bought from Harris Teeter has microcrystalline cellulose and potassium metabisulfites in it. I’ve been debating over whether or not I need to add 7 days to my Whole30 and make it a Whole37 because of this offense. However…. I’ve been compliant in all other aspects of my Whole30, to the point where I wouldn’t even buy some deli meat yesterday because it was .5% dextrose. I’ve been eating my proteins, I’ve been trying to decrease my fruit intake and avoid snacks, etc. And honestly, my body does feel great. I plan to continue eating like this well after my 30 days. There is a trip to Asheville on the horizon, though, and I’d like to reintroduce dairy and grains before we go so that I don’t spend half of the trip sick to my stomach from eating non-compliant meals.


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