Day 13 – Still Going Well!

I’m personally very excited for tonight’s meal: fajitas on paleo-friendly cauliflower tortillas.

All in all, things are going well! I’m 13 days in, and although I’m eager to reintroduce foods once I can before going on a 5 day vacation with Shawn, I honestly can’t imagine going back to processed foods after just 13 days of this diet. I’m already thinking ahead for our drive and wondering what sort of yummy things we’ll be able to bring along.

The only thing that has been difficult for me is guilt from accidentally buying products that aren’t fully compliant. Technically, I should throw them out and not use them during this, but I often realize it after I’ve made 2-3 meals worth of food… my coconut flakes and coconut milk are technically non-compliant. However, I’ve cleaned up my diet in so many other ways that I think that I’m willing to live with the limited amount of bisulfite I have been putting into my body. I’d like to do another Whole30 after the holidays, and I’ll likely be a bit more strict when I do this next year.


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